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Sunday, October 13, 2013

More thoughts on Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Mellie Grant makes moves based on the media perception of her, at the end of last season she went to visit Cyrus at the hospital in order to appear likable in the media.
Tuesday she went to Janine so can appear to be correct in naming Fitz’s mistress, protect that power and title Mellie.

Scandal Season 3, Episode 2

WARNING!!!! I tend to ramble so please bear with me

This episode focused heavily on Olivia's past with her father Rowan. Rowan is a bad man maybe my new favorite villain in the universe. Describing Rowan as ruthless maybe an understatement. I want to know what does he want from Olivia? I know he wants her to be more than mediocre, sure what parent would not want their child to excel, but Rowan's standards maybe a little to high. Rowan was quick to  remind Olivia want he has done for her paying for her schooling and Sunday dinners. I wanted Olivia's backstory as much as anyone but seeing her with Rowan and he ruthless he is, I realize Olivia's background has been  slowly revealed through out the previous seasons of Scandal. The more Olivia tries to be different from Rowan the more she is just like him.

Olivia the fixer wants to fix people's problems and save the world. She wants to give people a clean slate and that's different from Rowan. 

Olivia personally life  identifies with Fitz both were has father issues, and their mothers are dead. Big Jerry is a lamb compared to the bear that this Rowan. Rowan uses people to his advantage poor Edison was almost killed because he was involved with Olivia.  The fact that Edison asked Olivia to marry him again, let's me believe that he does not know that Rowan was behind that accident that almost took his life.  Big Jerry wanted Fitz to fulfill his dream of becoming President , Rowan wants to be the only man in Olivia's life.

Olivia uses people to her advantage as well she used Harrison against Abby to protect her own interest. Huck went back down the dark road to help Olivia. Olivia used Fitz to stop an autopsy in season two to protect her client. David's career was destroyed being Olivia to protect Quinn or was it to protect Fitz from Defiance? Who knows but Olivia has never been perfect or the whit hat wearer she appears to be.  I can go and on about Olivia but she is flawed and human like me and you. 

Mellie and Cyrus once again were a tag team to keep Fitz in power and more importantly hold on to their power, but much power does Fitz have? The exchange between Cyrus and Fitz about B6-13 made it clear that Fitz can not control what Rowan does. Rowan is more powerful than Fitz and I'm ready for their show down it will be EPIC!!!!!

Poor Janine/Jeanine (I don't know how the fuck to spell her name) any-who y'all know who I'm talking about. The most interesting thing to me about her time on screen was the way she took the money from Mellie, and then when Fitz threw her under bus she was so upset. I wanted her to make on concrete decision she she took the money obviously what were you upset about? She decided to sail herself down the river.

Huck and Oliva geeeeeez that parking garage scene hurt my soul!!!!!!!! I understood why it happen (and no it was not done to prop up Jake, FOH with that) Huck trusted Olivia she found him and help get him back on track. Huck went to the dark side for Olivia over and over again. Once she found out who  Rowan really was she should have immediately told Huck but no she lied to him for years not days, but years . Which further plays into what I was speaking about with Olivia earlier.  I'm sure their relationship will never be the same. I'm interesting to see what happens. 

Olitz their phone call was just gorgeous God how sexy are they together no matter if they are in the same room together or not.  I have so much more to say but I will wait.

This ends my ramble..... 

Scandal, Season 3, Episode 2 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.  

Friday, October 4, 2013


"You are the most important person in my life" Fitz in 2.08

When Fitz said this in 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' my very first thought was "what about your kids?" I realized Fitz loved Olivia before 2.08, but Fitz saying this revealed a lot to me. Before saying "I want you to be my First Lady" in the finale they were in the Oval Office, right after his Inauguration.

When Mellie revealed that Olivia's was the name that Fitz said when he was shot gave me all types of feels, but I was not surprised. Fitz has proven time and time that he loves Olivia with everything bone in his body. He's been willing to give up his Presidency over and over to be with Olivia.

"He would never" was the first line that struck me in the episode. I was reminded of Olivia's love for Fitz, like when she told Cyrus "I love him, we are going to be together." In the finale, showed me how hopeful Olivia can be about her and Fitz. Last night it was great to see Olivia being held by Fitz. Sometimes the strongest woman just needs to held and she CRIED, just released all of her emotions on to Fitz.

Seeing Rowan interact with Liv last night makes me wonder what examples of a healthy relationship (if any) has Olivia ever witnessed? She does not have a healthy relationship with anyone on the show from OPA to the people at the White House. Even with this forced triangle that is coming Olivia's and Jake's relationship (if I can call it that ) isn't so rosy either. I believe in Olitz and I just them to be great, and for the divorce to happen.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Just saying.....

I have not written a blog post in a long time because I've been a little busy but lately a lot has been happening and I can't contain myself any longer. *WARNING* this post will be about celebrities I try to get my celebrity post to a minimum, so just bare with me.

1. A lot of media stories have been written in the past few days about  First Lady Obama's admiration for Beyonce, lets state some history first. When President Obama ran for President in 2008 a lot stars campaigned for him, Beyonce and Jay-Z were no different they traveled around the U.S. with Mary J, Diddy, and etc to campaign for him. On the night of the inauguration Beyonce was invited by the Obama's to perform for them on national television.

When the First Lady decided to make childhood obesity one of her many causes, Beyonce reworked her song 'Get me Bodied' and called it 'Move Your Body' and made a video featuring young children and that was a huge success.

Last year when the Billboard Awards honored Beyonce with the Millennium Award, Mrs. Obama was featured in the tribute calling Beyonce a "role model"  and then this year the love was returned with an open letter thanking Mrs. Obama for being an inspiration and for being role model to her. Their feelings are each other is clearly mutual.

So, I was clearly bothered by the fact that people are upset that Mrs. Obama took her daughters to see Mrs. Carter in concert at her Revel shows. Mrs. Obama recently did an interview with "People' magazine where they asked her,  if she could be anybody who would she want to be? and Mrs. Obama replied "Beyonce"  oh that started a whole different issue. Now I've been seeing comments calling Mrs. Obama a "groupie" and that they "lack' respect for her because she likes Beyonce, This is a prime example of what goes on in everyday life.Two successful black women can't like each other and it makes me sad.

Before becoming the First Lady, Michell Obama was/ is a lawyer, who tutored President Obama so it insults me that people chose to downgrade her intelligence just because she wants to be Beyonce. Hell I have my days where I want to wake up and not worry about money and travel. Mrs. Carter leads a charmed life for sure BUT she works her ass off for every dime she has. Beyonce is considered by many and even myself as a role model, sure she has a rich husband but she's her own woman and people cannot take it, so they say she is always naked or she's dumb.  Making up excuses I assume to make themselves feel better about the life they lead. *drops mic*

Friday, February 10, 2012


List the first 20 songs played on your iTunes shuffle, music tells a lot about you.


1. Trouble ~ Jay-z

2. Sucka For Love ~ Frank Ocean

3. My Love ~ Ciara

4. Love In Da Club ~ Usher, Bey & Weezy

5. Got To Be There ~ Amerie

6. Sweet Dreams ~ Beyonce

7. Go Girl ~ Ciara / T Pain

8. Push ~ Matchbox 20

9. Are U Still Down ~ Jon B. / Tupac

10. Leaving Tonight ~ Neyo / Jennifer Hudson 

11. Joy Ride ~ Mariah Carey

12. Devil In a New Dress ~ Kanye West / Rick Ross

13. B Rocka Intro ~ Brandy

14. Make Me Better ~ Fab /Neyo

15. Talk To Me ~ Mary J. Blige

16. Farewell ~ J. Cole

17. There She Goes ~ Babyface

18. I Gotta Go ~ Trey Songz

19. Know Better ~ Frank Ocean

20. Makes Me Wonder ~ Maroon 5

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top Songs of the year

Songs affect me in a real way, these are the most played tracks on my iTunes 

1. Someone Like You ~ Adele - I loooooove sad songs and I adore this one, I just wish Adele would have let me shot her video for this song. (favorite lyrics) "Sometimes it last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead"

2. We All Try  ~ Frank Ocean -  *sighs* just love this. (favorite lyrics) "I don't believe that marriage isn't between a man and woman but between love and love." swooooooon 

3. Love On Top ~ Beyonce-  before Queen Bey announced that a baby Carter was on the way this was my favorite song on '4' (favorite lyrics) "Baby it's you, you're the one I love, you're the one I need!!!) and the ending *rubs belly* :) 

4. Rise & Shine ~ J. Cole - opening with the Jay-Z quote is everything!!!! The beat, the horns just super, Cole (favorite lyrics) "I spit it, how I live it so when you see me in the street, man,  I ain't gotta mimic. Cause I gotta image to uphold this real shit, I ain't got a gimmick I just got a flow that niggas went nuts for" 

5. Gotta Have It ~ Jay & Ye - people go crazy for NIP but this right here is my shit!!!!! The Neptunes laced that James Brown sample and made this 2 minute and 20 second song everything. (favorite lyrics) "Wassup, Wassup, Wassup motherfucker, where my money at?" - Jay-z. *jigs* 

6. Blow ~ Ke$ha -"dance" I lost my mind and almost wrecked my Focus when I heard this shit. I'm not a huge Ke$ha fan but this gets me extra hype every time I played it. ( favorite lyrics) "we get what we want, we do what you won't"

7 American Wedding ~ Frank Ocean ~ I can write an essay about how much I love this song, seriously. (favorite lyrics) "you can have my Mystang, that's all I got in my name, but Jesus Christ don't break my heart this wedding ring won't never wipe off. But if you stay, you'll probably leave later anyway, this is love made in the U.S.A"

8 The Zone ~ The Weeknd feat Drake - *fans self* I think The Weeknd makes drug music for people high on ecstasy and have orgies but this song is whew. (favorite lyric) "I can't see a damn thing, I can't feel a damn thing" how high are you that  you can't feel shit during sex?~~~~~ Drake - "walk your broken heart through that door, sit your sexy ass on that couch" swoooon

9. Take It All ~ Adele ~ I call this the breaking point song where you are just fed up and trying to figure whether to stay or go. (favorite lyrics) "Maybe I should leave to help you see,....." the entire 2nd verse. 

10. That Way Wale feat Jeremih & Rozay *swaying back & forward* this song came outta nowhere to become one of my favorites because I'm not a Wale or Ross fan  but I can't ignore a great song when I hear it. Jeremih makes the hook butter and the sample is everything!!!! 

Top CDs of the year

Top CDs of the year (in no order)

21 Adele ~ when Adele released 21 back in March I couldn't wait to get it, I was a new fan of hers and it easily the best cd released this year. The cd is filled of songs that goes through ups and downs of every relationship. Nobody sings about heartbreak like Adele, her voice is just amazing.

4 Beyonce ~ the word came around April that Mrs. Carter was releasing a new cd come June. I wondered with it would sound like because once 'Run The World' dropped stans was worried the song didn't catch on it all. Once she performed it on the Billboard Awards the song grew on me. '4' leaked a few weeks early and I couldn't wait to hear it, and it didn't disappoint from the opening song '1+1'the cd rode like musical trip through each decade. She was inspired by sounds of the past.

'ColeWorld' J.Cole ~ when I become a fan of an artist I soak up everything like a sponge I go through all their old music and learn their background, stalkerish, I know but that's how I am. So on Twitter when Jermaine tweeted "9/27, ColeWorld: The Sideline Story" I jumped for joy after being signed to Roc Nation since 09 all the grooming and pushbacks were definitely worth the wait. Cole World is an amazing cd telling his journey from then to now. Clap for him.

Watch The Throne ~ Jay & Ye ~ "Will it leak?" that was the question surrounding the weird release of the most wanted album of the year. They somehow beat the leak which made the release even more special. Twitter had a listening party for the cd that goes from balling to serious. The two rap titans trade bars back and forward on certain tracks and Ye allows Jay to shine on a few by himself. The cd is the best rap release this year, in my opinion. There are a few mishaps like 'That's My Bitch' and the over produced 'Welcome To The Jungle.' outside of that it's a must have.

Nostalgia Ultra~ Frank Ocean ~ Wow. I'm not surprised that this MIXTAPE is on a lot of publications best of the year cd list, it's an amazing body of work. From him reworking Coldplay's 'Strawberry Swing' up until the last track 'Nature Feels' I allowed Mr. Ocean to take me on a trip. I played this on repeat for an entire day the first time I heard it and I couldn't get enough. Although he's a private star I'm looking forward to seeing him in the future. Hurry up with that debut Frank!

Take Care ~ Drake I couldn't wait for this and although it's taking me awhile to get into it, I appreciate Drake for sticking to his guns and being a rare true star. People complains that he sings too much but he never himself said that he was just a rapper.